NetApp - OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation (OCIIO)


Kurssprache ist Deutsch, die Unterlagen sind in englischer Sprache (teilweise in digitaler Form). OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation is a 2 day course that allows you to become familiar with some of the most important features of OnCommand Insight relevant to the day-to-day management, monitoring and trouble-shooting of data infrastructures. You will learn the features of OnCommand Insight that aid in daily administrative tasks, specifically related to common storage administration issues and the features useful to resolving those issues. You will also learn how to add new assets to an OnCommand Insight monitored infrastructure. This course will support OCI version 7.2 and targets those who are responsible for using OCI for Diagnostic Analytics around ensuring availability, troubleshooting the environment, resolving issues, meeting service levels and removing risk. Hinweis: Dieses Seminar führen wir in Kooperation mit der Fast Lane GmbH durch.


  • Module 1: Visualizing your Data Infrastructure
  • What is Insight
  • How to use Insight
  • Assets dashboard and UI toolbar
  • Resources, dashboards and widgets
  • Infrastructure navigation
  • Resource pages
  • Adding, removing and modifying timelines
  • Custom dashboards
  • Creating custom queries
  • Adding filters
  • Creating dashboards
  • Widget library
  • Custom dashboard
  • Annotations
  • CreationApplyingRules
  • Creation
  • Applying
  • Rules
  • Module 2: Data Path Management and Policies
  • Insight Java UI primary pane
  • Navigating the primary pane
  • Grouping
  • Search options
  • Microview toolbar
  • Data path policies configuration
  • MenuStorage tabPolicies
  • Menu
  • Storage tab
  • Policies
  • Data path analysis tools
  • SAN path violations pageMicroview panesTopology paneFC ports panes
  • SAN path violations page
  • Microview panes
  • Topology pane
  • FC ports panes
  • Module 3: Performance Policy Creation, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Data flow
  • Zero-buffer-credit state
  • Performance policies
  • Violations dashboardPolicy dialog boxSetupPort policy optionsAlert thresholdsPolicy pages
  • Violations dashboard
  • Policy dialog box
  • Setup
  • Port policy options
  • Alert thresholds
  • Policy pages
  • Slow drain devices detection
  • Finding violations of port performance
  • Expert views: metricsPort and node metric comparisons
  • Expert views: metrics
  • Port and node metric comparisons
  • Diagnosis of slow drain device
  • Module 4: Virtual Resource Management and Tools for Root Cause Analysis
  • Virtual resource pages
  • Queries
  • Building a dashboard with VM data
  • Global searches
  • Application resource pages
  • Performance and correlated resources
  • Correlated resources investigations
  • Greedy resource
  • Tracing correlations
  • VM comparison
  • Module 5: Application Infrastructure Monitoring and the Anomaly Detection Engine
  • Application resources creations
  • Data resources
  • Insight applications
  • Anomaly scores
  • Finding anomalies
  • Anomaly widgets
  • Analytical tools
  • Examining an anomaly
  • Module 6: Ethernet Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Traditional OnCommand Insight view
  • New Insight I/O workload contributors chart
  • NFS workload monitoring
  • Ethernet monitoring
  • EMU restrictions
  • Internal volume page
  • NFSv3 contributors chart
  • NFS client activity chart
  • Module 7: Integrating New Resources and Alert Setup
  • Data sources and resources
  • Vendor options
  • Amazon S3 data sources
  • Polling intervals
  • Physical hosts
  • Port hosts
  • Host discovery and resolution
  • Policy alerts and setup
  • Assure events notification
  • Labs

Seminar- bzw. Schulungsvoraussetzungen

OnCommand Insight Technical Overview (Recommend/not required)


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