NetApp - Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Microsoft Azure (UNCMMAZ)


Learn to implement a hybrid cloud solution with Microsoft Azure by using NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP®. Connect an Azure Virtual Network (VNet) and an on-premises data center to unify your infrastructure. Use NetApp Cloud Manager to move data and manage storage in the hybrid cloud. Learn about how NetApp cloud services are integrated into Cloud Manager to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes containers and enhance data protection, security, and compliance. Learn to optimize capacity and performance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Sprache der Kursunterlagen: Englisch Hinweis: Dieses Seminar führen wir in Kooperation Fast Lane GmbH durch.


  • Module 1: Data Fabric Overview
  • Lesson 1: Data Fabric
  • Lesson 2: Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud
  • Lesson 3: NetApp Public Cloud Products
  • Lesson 4: Cloud Storage
  • Lesson 5: Cloud Services and Analytics
  • Lesson 6: Cloud Controls
  • Module 2: Public Cloud Essential Concepts
  • Lesson 1: Azure Networking and Other Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Terraform Introduction
  • Module 3: Connectivity from the Public Cloud to Other Networks
  • Lesson 1: Microsoft Azure VNET Connectivity to an On-Premises Network
  • Module 4: NetApp Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 1: NetApp Cloud Manager Overview
  • Module 5: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Single-Node Architecture
  • Lesson 1: Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 2: Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Use Cases
  • Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP Architecture
  • Lesson 4: Deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 5: Cloud Volumes ONTAP Supported Features
  • Module 6: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP: High-Availability Architecture
  • Lesson 1: Highly Available Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure
  • Module 7: Administration of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and NetApp Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 1: Administering Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 2: Administering Cloud Manager
  • Module 8: Implementing Disaster Recovery with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 1: Disaster Recovery with Cloud Volumes ONTAP Overview
  • Module 9: Data Tiering for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 1: Data Tiering for Cloud Volumes ONTAP Overview
  • Module 10: Using NetApp Cloud Manager to Provision Persistent Storage for Kubernetes Clusters
  • Lesson 1: Using Cloud Manager to Provision Persistent Storage for Kubernetes Cluster Overview
  • Module 11: Using Integrated Services from NetApp Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 1: Using Cloud Backup Service from Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 2: Using Cloud Sync from Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 3: Using Cloud Compliance from Cloud Manager
  • Lesson 4: Using Cloud Tiering Service from Cloud Manager
  • Module 12: Sizing NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Lesson 1: An Introduction to Sizing
  • Lesson 2: Capacity Sizing
  • Lesson 3: Performance Sizing
  • Lesson 4: Single Node versus High Availability
  • Lesson 5: Key Differences between Cloud Volumes ONTAP and On-Premises ONTAP software
  • Lesson 6: Performance Tuning
  • Lesson 7: Frequently Seen Sizing Mistakes

Seminar- bzw. Schulungsvoraussetzungen

For a successful learning experience, NetApp recommends that you know the following concepts before you attend the course. Cloud computing concepts: Cloud characteristics, service delivery methods, and cloud deployment models Networking concepts and definitions: Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) and network address translation (NAT) Azure concepts: Subscriptions, Vnet, virtual machines (VMs), Azure storage accounts, and Azure Blob storage


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