NetApp - Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems (CMESERIES)

- Seminar in Präsenz und Live Online -


Kurssprache ist Deutsch, die Unterlagen sind in englischer Sprache (teilweise in digitaler Form). In this course, you learn how to recommend configurations based on a pre-deployment assessment for a new NetApp E-Series or EF-Series storage system. In the deployment phase, you use both the NetApp SANtricity® storage management (v11.30) and system management software to create the configuration, perform administrative tasks and employ data protection features. During post-deployment, you use SANtricity system management software to collect storage system information for trend analysis, troubleshooting, performance monitoring and tuning. Hinweis: Dieses Seminar führen wir in Kooperation mit der Fast Lane GmbH durch.


  • Module 1: Introduction to E-Series and EF-Series Storage
  • E-Series and EF-Series storage products
  • Data-protection features
  • NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager functionality
  • Available plug-ins, APIs and providers
  • Module 2: E-Series and EF-Series Functionality
  • Configuration and theory of operation concepts
  • Controller cache and battery functionality
  • Data Assurance (DA) feature functionality
  • Media scan functionality
  • Drive security feature implementation
  • Path-management concepts
  • Module 3: configuration Concepts and Initial Setup
  • Storage system configuration tools and resources
  • NetApp SANtricity simulator functionality and usage
  • Host-side configuration concepts
  • Disk-side configuration concepts
  • General disk pool and volume group configuration concepts
  • Storage system initial setup steps
  • Module 4: Volume Group Administration
  • Volume group concepts
  • Create volume groups and volumes
  • General volume group system administration tasks
  • Manage volume group disks
  • Module 5: Dynamic Disk Pool Administration
  • Disk pool concepts
  • Create disk pools and volumes
  • Disk pool system administration tasks
  • Manage disk pool disks
  • Module 6: SSD Cache Administration
  • SSD Cache concepts
  • Create a solid-state drive (SSD) cache
  • Assign and unassign an SSD cache
  • SSD cache administration
  • Module 7: Snapshot Administration
  • SANtricity Snapshot features
  • SANtricity Snapshot image administrative tasks
  • Initiate the Snapshot process
  • Snapshot volume administration
  • Snapshot consistency group administration
  • Module 8: Volume Copy Administration
  • Volume copy function
  • Volume copy administration
  • Volume copy work flow steps
  • Module 9: Mirroring Administration
  • Mirroring technology
  • Use cases
  • Synchronous mirroring features
  • Synchronous mirroring administration
  • Asynchronous mirroring features
  • Asynchronous mirroring administration
  • SANtricity feature considerations
  • Module 10: Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Data collection and monitoring resources
  • Storage array component information
  • AutoSupport feature configuration
  • Storage array operability and state files
  • Performance metrics for different objects
  • Module 11: General Administrative Tasks
  • General tasks
  • Alerts management
  • Storage array, controller and drive tasks
  • Managing upgrades
  • Labs

Seminar- bzw. Schulungsvoraussetzungen

- Basic Windows administrative experience - Technical Overview of NetApp E-Series Storage Systems


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