Cisco - Understanding Cisco Wireless Foundations (WLFNDU)


This course teaches you how to design, install, configure, monitor, and conduct basic troubleshooting tasks on a Cisco WLAN network of any size. This course will help you: - Learn the skills, technologies, and best practices needed to manage a Cisco WLAN network - Understand and implement a Cisco wireless network architecture - Design and implement WLAN maintenance and troubleshooting solutions Sprache der Kursunterlagen: Englisch Hinweis: Dieses Seminar führen wir in Kooperation Fast Lane GmbH durch.


  • Section 1: Describing and Implementing Foundational Wireless Theory
  • Wireless Fundamentals
  • RF Principles
  • Section 2: Describing and Implementing Foundational Wireless Math and Antennas
  • RF Mathematics
  • Activity 1: Practice RF Math
  • Antenna Characteristics
  • Activity 2: Antenna Calculations
  • Section 3: Describing and Implementing Foundational Wireless Operation
  • Spread Spectrum Technology Basics
  • Discovery 3: Explore the Wi-Fi Environment
  • Wireless Media Access
  • Discovery 4: Analyze Wireless Frames
  • Wireless Governance
  • Section 4: Describing and Implementing Basic Wireless Security
  • Wireless Security Components
  • IEEE 802.11 Security
  • Section 5: Describing and Implementing 802.1X and EAP
  • IEEE 802.1X and EAP Frameworks
  • EAP Authentication
  • Wi-Fi Alliance WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 Security
  • Section 6: Implementing Wireless Guest Access and Configuring Wireless Security
  • Provide Guest Access
  • Configure Native Operating Systems for WLAN Connectivity
  • Configure Smart Handheld Clients
  • Discovery 5: Configure Client Access
  • Section 7: Describing and Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Architecture
  • Cisco Wireless Network Deployment Options
  • Cisco Wireless Management
  • Cisco Policy Control
  • Section 8: Describing and Implementing Cisco Wireless Network
  • Cisco Enterprise Wireless Network
  • Mobility Architecture Concepts
  • Section 9: Describing and Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Wired Support
  • Layer 2 Infrastructure Support
  • Wired Infrastructure Protocols That Support Wireless
  • Discovery 6: Configure the Wired Infrastructure
  • Section 10: Configuring Cisco Centralized Wireless Networks Objectives:
  • Describe the centralized wireless access model and its configuration
  • Initialize a Centralized Cisco WLC
  • Discovery 7: Configure a Centralized Cisco WLC Deployment
  • AP Initialization
  • Discovery 8: Configure a Centralized WLAN Deployment on Cisco 3504 WLC
  • Discovery 9: Configure a Centralized WLAN Deployment on Cisco 9800 WLC
  • Implement IPv6 in a Cisco Wireless Environment
  • Discovery 10: Configure an IPv6 Operation in a Centralized WLAN Deployment
  • Describe Roaming in the Centralized Architecture
  • Optimize RF conditions and performance for clients
  • Discovery 11: Optimize RF Conditions and Performance for Clients
  • Section 11: Describing and Implementing WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Describe WLAN Maintenance
  • Discovery 12: Perform Centralized Controller Maintenance
  • Describe the WLAN Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Explain WLAN Troubleshooting Tools
  • Discovery 13: Use Troubleshooting Tools

Seminar- bzw. Schulungsvoraussetzungen

- General knowledge of networks - General knowledge of wireless networks - Routing and switching knowledge - Wireless fundamentals at the Wireless Fundamentals (WFUN) course level


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