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System Programmer Fundamentals (ES40G)

Kurs-Nr. 24Y
Kurssprache ist Deutsch, die Unterlagen sind in englischer Sprache. This course is designed to describe the basic components that apply to all z/OS systems. It includes high level concepts that apply to the z/OS hardware platform and the z/OS software. It then provides a more detailed analysis, description and lab activities that can be applied to the system programmer role to maintain z/OS systems. Discussion activities include: The POR, IPL process, JES implementation and operating environment, VTAM environment for TSO, ISPF, SNA and TCP/IP networking, RACF, ISPF/PDF and UNIX System Services. It defines the classic approach to data management in a z/OS system. It identifies various software products and utilities used to define, maintain, and manage catalogs and data sets in the z/OS environment. It also discusses Parmlib usage and requirements for system initialization and operation that include: System symbolics, WLM, SFM, RMF and system logger. Both single system and multi-system sysplex usage is identified. z/OS install, upgrade options, maintenance using SMP/E and I/O configuration requirements using HCD is listed and described. Hinweis: Dieses Seminar wird in Zusammenarbeit mit dem offiziellen Partner des IBM Global Training Providers Global Knowledge: Integrata AG oder dem IBM Education Delivery und IBM Sales Partner von Arrow ECS: Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH durchgeführt.


  • - Unit 1 - What makes up a z/OS system?
  • - Exercise 1- Introduction to z/OS setup
  • - Unit 2 - System boot: POR and IPL
  • - Exercise 2 - Complete the IPL: Start JES, start networking
  • - Unit 3 - Processing user work with z/OS
  • - Exercise 3 - LOGON into TSO and create a new user profile
  • - Unit 4 - Networking, z/OS communication server
  • - Exercise 4 - Data administration
  • - Unit 5 - What else is needed for end user access to the system?
  • - Exercise 5 - Automate startup and monitor the system
  • - Unit 6 - Data management
  • - Exercise 6 - System logger
  • - Unit 7 - A closer look at IPL: IPLPARM, SYS1.PARMLIB, SYS1.PROCLIB
  • - Exercise 7- Define a string of DASD and ACTIVATE dynamically
  • - Unit 8 - System management: WLM, SMF, RMF, and system logger
  • - Exercise 8 - Install and maintain a user function
  • - Unit 9 - Hardware configuration definition
  • - Unit 10 - Software maintenance: SMP/E
  • - Unit 11 - Change management: ServerPac and other IBM services

Seminar- bzw. Schulungsvoraussetzungen:

You should: - Have z/OS installation experience or have attended z/OS Installation (ES41A) - Be familiar with end user activities on MVS, including knowledge of JCL, IDCAMS, the MVS address space structure, and the concept of batch scheduling using JES initiators

Seminartermine und Anmeldung:

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